Jason is a top notch drummer, super professional, and a great person to work with.  He’s a cut above the rest in every facet of music and business.  He comes highly sought after and highly recommended!

Drumming Uncut offers personal attention to detail and a level of service not possible from the bigger stores.  Get in and play some!  -Ryan Lee

Thank you for teaching me at drums. I learned many rudiments from you. They will help me with any songs I learn in the future. I had to move, which is why I can’t get lessons from you anymore. I always had fun learning from you. You taught me two songs all the way through. They were easy, since the rudiments already made it easy. I hope you always have many students. I hope you are happy in whatever you want to do.
Your friend and student, -Dylan

“It was great! Thanks for putting in the effort. A great experience for Matthew. We enjoyed all the drummers. Quite a talented lot! They must have a decent teacher…” -Tony Mannucci

Before I take off for vacation tomorrow I wanted to pass along a big high five to you for an absolutely great recital. From my view, you pulled of a flawless event that was entertaining and inspiring. You very much had the look of a proud parent tonight, and rightfully so. There was a lot of you in everyone one of us. As just one participant, I was nervous and thoroughly challenged, which I believe are two great ingredients of growth and achievement. I look forward to next year to see how everyone has progressed, including myself. -Dave M.

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